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Introduction to Reinsurance

Reinsurance is a risk management strategy used by insurance companies to protect themselves against large financial losses that may result from claims made by policyholders. In essence, reinsurance involves one insurance company (the ceding company or primary insurer) transferring a portion of its risk to another insurance company (the reinsurer). This tool helps insurance companies reduce their exposure to risk, allowing them to stabilize profits from their insurance operations over time and create surplus capacity for issuing more insurance policies. Simply put, reinsurance “insures insurance companies.”

Saman Re Services

Press Releases

Meeting of The Board of Directors of Saman Reinsurance Company with The Executive Board of Central Insurance of Iran

Today, on Thursday, September 28, the members of the Board of Directors of Saman Reinsurance Company met with the executives of the Central Insurance of Iran. This meeting took place…

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The Central Insurance of Iran Announced the Minimum Required Loss Limit for Obtaining Rate and Conditions Approval in 2023-2024

In accordance with Note 6 of Regulation No. 76 of the Supreme Insurance Council, the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran revised the minimum sum insured/loss limit for…

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Invitation to the Annual General Assembly for the fiscal year ending on December 21st, 2022

All shareholders, legal representatives, attorneys or deputy legal representatives of the shareholders, as well as representatives of legal entities, are invited to attend the general assembly meeting of Saman Reinsurance…

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